Sr. • Defense
So. St. Paul, MN

Saint Mary’s has been my home for four years. I am going to be really sad to leave it at the end of the school year. A place like Saint Mary’s can make saying good bye very difficult. However, I am eager to begin a new life in whatever it may be that I choose to do. Looking back at the times that i have had here i see how fortunate i am to have had the experiences over the time being here.

My family has always been supportive of me. I want to take this opportunity to thank my mom and dad. Not only are you guys the most caring and loving parents, but you are also both my friends, I have such a great time when we hang out. Whether its the many nights we spend on the deck talking and enjoying the beautiful summers, or the evenings we spend at the Croatian Hall. I am so lucky to have parents like you guys. Thank you for everything that you have done for me.

Adam and Jon, the greatest brothers ever. Thank you for picking on me and beating the crap out of me every day for 22 years, it has only made me tougher. Thank you for making me play hockey with you and your friends in the cul-de-sac when you were a man short. If that never happened, I never would have started playing this game. You guys always looked out for me. I miss you guys, we will hang out as soon as I get home.

I know Grampa Vern would have given anything to stick around for this one last year. I never got to thank you for taking care of me and my brothers for so many years. If I could have one thing, it wouldn’t be a teleporter, or unlimited funds — I would have one more day with him. He loved watching me play hockey so much. It has been difficult this year without my No. 1 fan. I love you, grampa and I miss you.

I have always had a supportive family around for my entire life. When i came to school I was left without that. Soon enough I would have a second family that sticks by my side through thick and thin. From the start, the Saint Mary’s women’s hockey team has played a significant role in my life here. It all began in St. Ed’s Hall on the first day of school when I met Kendall French, Diane Amsden, Alissa Schultz and Tasa Kostel. We would be known as the hockey girls from that day on. When St. Yon’s Hall comes to mind, I just smile. There I lived with Diane, Kendall, Tasa, Alissa, Emily, Mindy, Kelly O, Luke, Todd, and Ally Hump. It was always a battle. Hockey girls versus Andrea the R.A. Some of the highlights from sophomore year was the Champagne Room, Kendall, Todd and Di’s Nap schedule, turning the hallway into an indoor slip and slide, Emily with her banjo, Uncle Mikes “care package shipments,” I could go on and on, but this is only sophomore year.

Junior year was Gilmore Hall, Diane and I shared our room with Kendall that year. We celebrated 21st birthdays that year, we rode through the halls in our child-sized bikes, the 80’s game was introduced to our lives, we saw Guster, Doug Amsden and crew tear up the town — literally — and we met Don the security guy. It’s not what did do junior year, it’s what didn’t we do.

Currently, I am spending my senior year in the New Village. What a wild ride it has been. It’s been nothing but trouble since the 1st day we moved into the village. Mostly due to my roommates, Dr. Diane Bon Jovi, Fendall Kench, Dr. Toddly McToddalotson, TJ(DB3), Kate-o McKatealotson, Jakey and of course the honorary roommate Mondo.

The top ten best moments of the NV222221
10. The Possum Attacks
9. Throw shit at the box and the playroom
8. Late-night trips to Hy-Vee and checking the DAM
7. Our many pets … DB1, DB2, DB3, Floyd, Jake the Snake, Pop Tart the Hamster (R.I.P. DB3 and PopTart)
6. Learning sign language
5. The ongoing quest for the Winona Transit
4. Trike rides
3. Porchies
2. Forts don’t got carpet
1. Nights spent on the porch

To my two closest friends, Diane and Kendall, you both are such awesome people. My greatest times here at this school have been when you two were around. Thank you for all of laughs, tears, and sharing the same brain with me for four years. I love you both.

To the soccer clan, see you in England.

Finally, to the Saint Mary’s women’s hockey team. It’s up to you where you want this program to go. It’s your program, your school. Each of you has a voice, together you can’t be ignored. Do what is right for the program. Make sure the remaining years you have here are the best they can possibly be.